Sunday, June 3, 2012


    May has been a fun, busy month! From graduation, Indiana, online classes, a new full-time job, a trip to Georgia, and my brother's graduation, there has not been a dull moment! I am very thankful for my husband in this busy time of life that we are living right now. If it were not for him, we would probably be eating some pretty convenient yet extremely unhealthy dinners. Thankfully, we are not only eating healthy food for dinner, but we also enjoy some delicious GAPS certified cookies and cake, which is my favorite part of this diet! Here are some pictures from the month:
This month has really flown by and while it has been pretty busy, we definitely had some fun along the way. 
Indiana Art Museum
1. The most exciting thing to happen was graduation from college. Nathanael and I had an exciting weekend celebrating this event in our lives.
2. We were able to go to Indiana for Mother's Day, which was a lot of fun. We also went to the art museum with Natasha, Elijah, and Mom. I wish we could go up there more often. Hopefully for Christmas!
3. I am thankful for the full-time job right out of college where I am learning a lot that will benefit us in the future.
4. I cannot believe that my little brother and cousin have graduated high school. It seems just yesterday we were playing in mud puddles or dressing up the cat in doll clothes.
5. I am glad 1/4 of these online classes are done. I am looking forward to when I am completely done with school and can do all the fun cooking!

Also, I am still sugar free! :)
Peanut Butter Cookies
Practice Birthday Cake


  1. We were sorry to have missed you guys when you were here! That is the cutest place for a picture. :)

  2. We hope to come back down when I'm completely done with school! Hopefully we can get together then!

  3. What a cool blog! I go off and on with sugar-free, and I love seeing all the cool things you're making. Good luck with the rest of school.