Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Been Awhile...June and July

We ate soup like this every meal for about 3 weeks.
     So a ton has happened since May. We've been faithfully sticking to the GAPS and Candida diet (except I've been using stevia in some stuff). We actually went through the whole intro, which was pretty legit and consisted of a lot of soup, but we survived, barely. Thankfully, the diet has helped Nath go 2 months without any allergy/asthma medication (first time since junior high) and my stomach no longer hurts every time I eat. So I would definitely say the sacrifices of no sugar, grain, chocolate, dairy, etc. have been worth it for the both of us. We both greatly miss pizza, which once we can have cheese again I'm going to make a GAPS pizza. My birthday happened in June. Nath gave me a fossil purse,which I had been wanting a lot! He did such a good job picking it out for me! Nath and I went hiking to Skinny Dip Falls. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner with bang bang shrimp at Bonefish and I got some sugar-free, dairy free ice cream from Whole Foods! Another exciting adventure we had was the "Own the Night" concert with Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and best of all Thompson Square! We were able to go thanks to my dad, who gave us two tickets to take Kilian, my little sister. We all three had a lot of fun! We also celebrated July 4th by staying at home eating a delicious steak dinner and watching Act of Valor (pretty good movie).
My birthday hike! We had a lot of fun!
Zevia is my one cheat on the GAPS diet.
I love it naturally sweetened with stevia.
 It's allowed on the Candida diet though! 
This is my ice cream! It's cheating but there is no sugar
and no dairy so it's good as long as I'm concerned. 
Kilian, Nath, and I at the Lady A concert!
Thankfully, by July 4th we were allowed steak and veggies!
Since our apartment flooded, we had 5 fans and a dehumidfier
throughout the house. It was very loud!
     Some not so exciting events that happened near the end of July were my car being infiltrated with ants, almost catching the house on fire, and our apartment flooding. Thankfully, God protected us and all of our stuff except for a few school books. Sadly, school has been taking much of our time these days. I will be completely done as soon as I write one more paper and take the final. Yay! Friday we leave for Charlotte for a weekend getaway to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! After that life should be back to normal as in we should be able to do things other than school, like hanging out with friends and Shepherding Group, which we both miss going to weekly. I am excited to see how much "free" time I actually get now that school is over. The main thing I want to add is working out. I miss it.I have a few goals, but we will see if any of them come to reality.
This is what your stove looks like after you throw flour on a fire!
We had about 3 inches of water throughout our apartment.
Thankfully, they vacuumed it all out.